What we offer

This extensive assortment of proficiency delivers the essential basis on which high eminence guidance and assistance can be given to prospective customers which can contribute to expand standards of performance and operation in the international Ports, Shipping, Transport & Logistics industries.

Market Analysis

We analyze the market trends and provide hands-on insights and guide our clients to achieve their strategic goals and stay ahead of the market. Timely, relevant and vigorous analyses by industry experts provide you with the real-world scenario so as the real commercial value. Our standing not only comes from talented team close to the sector but also from working with clients, giving them balanced, practical and commercial outlooks they need.

Market Forecasting

We have the assets, broad experience and demonstrated expertise required to assist you with critical decision making. We meet those criteria delivering confident analysis and the capability to transform complex data into actionable recommendations. Our resources and extensive base of experience are highly capable of predicting market behaviors allowing clients for risk free business.

Port Automation

We track and trace your current port operation methodology and provide customized real-time feed for your terminal planning system, increase efficiency of Quayside, Transfer, Yard and Gate operations enable you to control and monitor your Terminal Operation effectively.

Feasibility Studies

We undertake fully integrated economic, technical design assessments for maritime and logistics projects at scoping study, pre-feasibility study and feasibility study level. We have experience of providing studies developed over many years. Our expertise stems from our long experience in the industry and our highly professional, malty disciplinary staff.

Project Management

We are comprised of highly qualified, skilled and experienced group of professional project management team offering independent professional project management consulting services to owners with complex, unique and challenging capital projects. Our project management skills have enabled us to create a proven track record of delivering projects beyond the client’s expectations regardless of magnitude or complexity.

Business Development

Our business development services target the key areas that drive business growth including operations, finance and market research. Our service delivery is bespoke to each client’s business challenges, opportunities and objectives. Bestar is supported by a network of trusted professionals to provide specialist expertise where required.

Port Tariff and Pricing

We analyze port and terminal tariffs, creating strategies that more closely align with overall strategic objectives of the stake holders. These assessments may include researching the current and likely future competitive environment, determining how best to meet national, port or facility objectives and often to modernize and simplify tariffs, providing clarity and better customer service to port and terminal users.

Port Operations and Management

Our consultancy team comprises of extensive and high-level management experience in the ports, transport and maritime industries. Their expertise is based on first hand practical experience gained over many years in a wide range of countries. This wide range of expertise provides the essential basis on which high quality advice and assistance can be given to prospective customers which can contribute to improve standards of performance and operation in the international Ports and terminals.

Logistics Planning

We have the expertise and experience within the team to accommodate the unique requirements. Our Logistics Consultants will ensure an efficient Logistics strategy can be developed and implemented, measured and continually improved, ensuring your costs are optimized ensuring that the flow of goods and materials are balanced to the most efficient cost base and aligned with customer requirements.

Strategy Development

We help organizations develop their strategic planning process, and assess their business units and other holdings in order to optimally allocate resources. We also help make the organizational structure changes required to achieve these goals.

Port Planning and Engineering

Our consultancy team has worked together for many years and consists of senior consultants with extensive worldwide experience in the field of port development. We undertake both large and smaller-scale projects and assist customers throughout all project phases – from the earliest planning and pre-feasibility studies to master plan studies, design, and tendering. Further, our services include assistance during construction, operations, maintenance, training and asset management.

Infrastructure Sourcing

Our sourcing division brings consultancy for purchasing of Terminal super structures like, Terminal Management Systems (TMS), Gantry cranes, Transfer Cranes, Prime movers, Top lifters and many other terminal equipment. Our team defines the capacities and the number of equipment each port or terminal needs for optimal operation. We also involve the entire process of TMS installation until the system is fully handover to the local team.

Marine and Navigational Studies

The experienced professionals of Bestar Consultancy undertake commissions for broad range of marine consultancy services involving virtually every aspect of planning and development.

Project Presentations

Our set of Experts design, structure and prepare project presentation to convince the idea to a third party. The design team will submit a draft presentation for the feedback and the client can review each individual slide and provide feedback to us.

Shipping and Trade Analysis

Our in-house experts provide un-bias view of the shipping industry to challenge or support strategic opportunities. Our consulting team offers you a wide range of support in the form of bespoke data analysis, reports, and presentations. This brings deep and invaluable insight into your business, helping you and your colleagues understand how current and future developments in the shipping industry will impact your company.

Expert Witness

Bestar Consultancy expert witness services have number of vetted and highly qualified experts in the shipping industry. Our technical, strategic and managerial experts provide services across a range of disciplines in vary areas.